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A Comprehensive Family Office Solution

At CTC Consulting | Harris myCFO, we view wealth management in terms of advocacy—on behalf of you, your family, your objectives and your values. We believe in listening before speaking, and understanding before advising. Since our establishment, we've been providing comprehensive family office guidance and services, including integrated and customized investment advisory, income tax planning and compliance, wealth management, philanthropy, financial planning, concierge, financial reporting, expense management, and bill paying to high-net-worth families and individuals across the nation.

  1. Our Objectivity
  2. Our Integration
  3. Our Technology

CTC Consulting | Harris myCFO has built a strong culture that puts clients first. We believe that our most important role is to act as your advocate—helping you navigate the complexities, issues and challenges that come with managing significant wealth:

  • Rather than promote proprietary offerings, we provide you with access to a highly select and diverse group of carefully chosen and vigorously monitored investment managers who we believe can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over time.
  • Our professionals provide objective, unbiased advice and support on a fee—only basis, employing a completely transparent fee structure.

Unlike many firms, we provide you with a single point of contact, integrating your existing advisors, including attorneys, accountants and others, together with outside professionals and our own internal specialists, into a single unified team. This approach enables you to choose from among the top professionals for every aspect of your wealth management strategy.

CTC Consulting | Harris myCFO invests in building and maintaining advanced reporting, analytic and information process systems. Our robust platform delivers comprehensive, fully customizable reports that encompass your entire wealth management strategy. As a result, you enjoy an at-a-glance view of every component of your financial picture and how it is performing—both in absolute terms and relative to your overall plan.

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