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Investment Updates:

Turning Downside Equity Market Volatility into Opportunity PDF (31.5 KB - PDF)

September 2011

Tax Alert: Budget Control Act of 2011 PDF (23 KB - PDF)

April 2011

The articles presented above are publications in which opinions of Harris Private Bank employees have been sought. BMO Harris has no control over the content or accuracy of the data present in the articles or publications noted above. The overall content of these articles may not reflect and may at times be in opposition with current Harris Private Bank investment policy and thinking and should not be construed as BMO Harris' overall opinion on the market, investment strategy, or as a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security mentioned therein.

Links have been provided to those articles which may be accessed at no charge to the user. In cases where a link has not been provided, those publications require subscriptions to access, and may only be accessed on the entity's website by individuals who have paid for subscription services. BMO Harris has no relationship with any of the publications noted, and does not advocate the use of, or payment for a subscription service to, any specific publication.

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